One electric vehicle at a time

Powering sustainable e-Mobility in Kenya through infrastructure and policy advocacy.

EvonGreen is creating a suitable environment for electric vehicles to attain mass market adoption

Who We Are

Evongreen is a women-led organisation Founded in 2019 to meet the needs of an ambitious e-mobility market by providing the necessary charging infrastructure to support sector development. Evon is currently providing its input and direction on the nascent industry’s policy and regulatory framework, aware of the opportunity to shape the operating environment and adopt a central position in the early adoption of EVs across the country. 

One electric vehicle at a time

EvonGreen is creating a suitable environment for electric vehicles to attain mass market adoption. It begins with one charging point, one swapping station, one electric vehicle at a time. Together with partners at local and national levels, we are working on advocacy projects that would put more electric vehicles on Kenyan roads.

Infrastructure for mass adoption

The biggest challenge facing ev adoption is lack of infrastructure. EvonGreen is taking the challenge head on by consolidating funds that will see fast, scalable and future-proof charging points set up in convenient locations. We are passionate about a seamless transition, hence our advocacy campaigns take an emphasis on regulated EV chargers in order to ensure access for all EV types. 

The green drivers community

EvonGreen has partnered with the green drivers association for long term projects that will enhance the electric vehicle ownership experience. The green drivers are a community of taxi drivers who have seized the opportunity of making an impact while making an income. We are proud to be part of their vision coming to life through the lobbying support we have offered at grassroot levels. This partnership has the highest potential for spearheading four-wheeler adoption on Kenyan roads, And has already seen 15 electric vehicles added onto the fleet.

Our Partners